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My Overall profil

  • I am ...

 A traveler, adventurer, curious, spontaneous, sensitive, epicurean, truth seeker, and also ... manager for more than 25 years, especially in relations / human resources, and recently trainer & coach in relational communication 

  • I am passionate about  

travels and discoveries, outdoors, nature and open spaces, heart connections, personal growth, humankind, and real & vibrant communications.

  • I got introduced

in 1999, to this teaching and non violent approach of communication, the ESPERE® Method, by Jacques Salomé.  Carried by its benefits, I decided to work on myself, through seminars to learn to communicate differently to improve my relationships. Then, in 2012 I completed a professional training, at the OSER-COM Center, recognized by the ESPERE®  Institute in Paris.


  • I carry   the GREAT desire to pass on this method to the greatest number of people to offer each one the opportunity to live more alive, vibrant and authentic relations, in the truest respect of oneself and others.

  • I dream of... more Humanness, in me and around me  !

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<< Any truth  

is good 

To say ...

    to oneself >>

              Josée Pepin

MyTechnical profil

  • Sectors

    • Private

    • Communitarian

    • Institutional

    • Humanitarian

  • Professionnal trainings

    • Bachelor in Business Administration, HRM of UofS

    • International cooperation and humanitarian aid by Doctors without borders, Holland

    • Conflict management and citizen mediation

  • Relationnal communication/ ESPERE® Method

    • Courses, workshops (over 1000h since 1999)

    • Training of trainers  (2010-2012:- 400h  theoritical/80h pratice -  TBA)

  • Other trainings :

    • TIPI,  Technique of identifying unconscious fears, regulation of emotions, by Luc Nicon, founder

    • Intercultural communication

    • Reiki (energy approach)

    • Biodanza (psychocorporal approach)

  • Readings, seminars, personal development workshops

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