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My  journey

Animated  by a curious and intuitive spirit, I am passionate by HumanKind with a big H and  everything concerning its development, well-being, and evolution. 

To be honest, ...mine! 

From a young age, a great thirst for Truth animates me and has guided my life course, my heart, my choices and my relationships...always inhabited and driven by the need to feel connected, to make sense, of who I am, my life, what surrounds me and those around me.

Explorer      in and of the soul I took various paths, often little frequented. I traveled thousands of kilometres literally and figuratively, on various continents to discover the world around me and especially ... the one that inhabited me!  




To dare my truth,

to dare being  

   ...what I am,

            ALL that i am!


The                       Method, a tool ...

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