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ready to learn another way of communicating,  to take responsibility and to commit to improve his/her relationships.



  • Unhealthy family dynamics, difficulty making requests or saying no, stepfamily

  • Difficulties in my relation with myself



 (lack of confidence, high demands, guilt, sabotage, intense emotions, ..)

  • Separation, divorce, couple / parents disputes

  • Diseases, discomfort, symptoms with my body

  • Breakups, job loss, family issues, death, 

  • Situations or relationships in which I feel lonely, helpless, blocked, confused, discouraged ...



  • Difficulty listening or position myself, put and respect my limits with employees, boss, colleagues, customers.

  • Conflicts, mistakes, misunderstandings, non-says, authoritarianism, laxity, unhealthy or toxic behaviours.

  • Tense/heavy or stress atmosphere, clans /rivalry, absenteeism, exhaustion, , ... 

  • ... 


"Some people wait for happiness to knock on their door. 

I,                       ,  leave the door open ..."

Jacques Salomé

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